• Association members, be they club members or members of professional associations, expect ever-increasing online membership service and value from their chosen association in return for their membership renewal.

    Delivering on this expectation is the best way to ensure those renewals keep coming.

    Timely delivery of online services together with effective communication is the key to attracting, retaining and enhancing association membership.

    X-En Membership is a flexible yet comprehensive cloud solution for membership-based organisations seeking to build and track strong, well defined relationships with their current and prospective members.

  • Better yet, use of latest web and cloud technologies means X-En is easy to use on any smart device or browser, increasingly the preferred interface of association members as well as association managers.

    X-En Membership enables associations of any type to identify those interactions and services within its membership database that increase engagement.

    This essential data is needed if the association’s value is to be enhanced, member events properly managed and additional revenue opportunities developed.

  • The membership engagement process starts at the point a prospective member first expresses interest and must be trackable and manageable through initial response, subsequent application and on to acceptance and renewal.

    X-En Membership's comprehensive member process control provides the transparency and oversight required for effective membership administration as well as analysis.

    A true cloud member management system manages all forms of interaction and correspondence and is able to service members on whatever their preferred smart device or browser is.

    The advanced technology used by X-En Membership provides the perfect cloud delivered platform for linking the association with its members.

  • In this same way, Dues Management is managed and delivered by a highly automated membership renewal process. Tax invoices are automatically generated and emailed to members a predetermined number of days before the membership expires which includes the links necessary for the member to click on a rapid payment process.

    Again, a true cloud membership system gives members a Membership portal to deliver full online Member Self Service, including access to all outstanding invoices and the ability to immediately pay them online via secure payment gateways such as eWay and PayPal.

    Comprehensive, real-time reporting assists in forecasting potential membership, measures member activity and satisfaction and helps identify trends, problems and opportunities.

  • For many organisations, meetings and events play a critical role driving demand, reinforcing brand image, and enhancing goodwill with prospects, customers, suppliers and employees.

    Membership associations in particular depend on meetings and events as a primary contribution to their operating revenue. Yet planning events can be a time consuming and complicated process, made even more difficult when there are simultaneous events of different sizes and locations.

  • X-En Event is a flexible, comprehensive and easy-to-use yet powerful cloud solution that helps organisations to successfully create, promote, manage and measure events of any size, stay on schedule and within budget, increase event exposure and improve registration while reducing the cost of these operations.

    X-En Event provides sophisticated event management capability which can be easily customised to achieve and often exceed your individual business objectives.

  • The system covers all details of the event life cycle from planning to marketing, online registration and billing, automatic follow-ups efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Members as well as non-members have access to their Events schedule, including online booking capability, from any smart device.

  • X-En CRM simplifies how your organisation maintains relationships with customers and clients.
    By combining a single comprehensive database as the one repository of data with the right tools time is spent communicating rather than searching and compiling action lists.
    "Who's got the latest copy of the database/client spreadsheet?" is a question that confirms time is being wasted, data less than accurate.

  • X-En CRM will help your organisation optimise and synchronise its marketing efforts through automation of many tasks currently done manually thereby providing more time to focus on actual communication outcomes. With all customer or member data in the one database, you will always have a single version of the truth underpinning campaign design and support service provision as well as analytics.

  • The lifeblood of any organisation is lead and opportunity management, be it sales, new member campaigns or donation and fund raising.
    The disciplines remain the same as does the need for easy to use tools, data accuracy and streamlined communication capability. X-En CRM, with its highly customisable interfaces becomes a seamless part of the relationship management function.

  • X-EN CRM boasts all the key features expected of a comprehensive customer relationship management platform, such as data import capability, mobile device support, analytics, as well as powerful email marketing and integration.